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The objective of INNO-GRIPS is to provide an accessible pool of knowledge regarding world-wide existing studies and information on innovation policy-making, business innovation and academic discussions.

INNO-GRIPS also provides a platform for open discussion among experts on relevant innovation policy and business issues to foster intellectual debate and provide a workshop setting for future developments. This contributes to building an “early-warning” system for policy-makers to facilitate the timely adoption of appropriate policy responses.

Key INNO-GRIPS activities are research, analysis, consultation and dissemination activities involving the Commission, researchers and other important stakeholders in the innovation process.


Louis Lengrand & Associés
16 rue du Colonel Fabien
79220 Viroflay – France

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The Manchester Institute of Innovation Research Louis Lengrand & Associés Sarl ANRT


Louis Lengrand & Associés Sarl was established in 1995 as a private research and consultancy firm and concentrates on research - including prospective and strategic studies, analysis of public policies, project management and counselling in EU affairs. LL&A has completed numerous studies for the European Commission and the World Bank on Policy trends in intangible assets, Innovation policy, Information Society issues, Research & development and regional development.

ANRT is a private, not for profit association, created in 1953 by major actors of Research in France, i.e. enterprises and research public bodies in order to stimulate public-private partnership in research and help improve the efficiency of the national system of research and innovation. Its actions aim at lowering barriers and promoting cooperation between enterprises and laboratories of various disciplines and industry sectors.

The Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR) is a research institute based in Manchester Business School, at the University of Manchester. It merges CRIC (the ESRC's Centre for Research in Innovation and Competition) and PREST (Policy Research in Engineering, Science and Technology), giving it a critical mass that makes it the largest and most successful research centre of excellence in the field of innovation studies and technology management and related policy. Research in the institute combines fundamental research on the dynamics of science and innovation in modern knowledge based economies with highly-regarded consultancy for international, national and regional bodies and major firms. It is the rationale and aspiration of the institute to be academically excellent by all accounts, to link with public and private institutions in the UK, Europe and globally to offer our expertise and conduct application oriented studies (including those using Foresight and evaluation tools), and to continue to shape debates on innovation and technical change.

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