GRIPS mini-study on Gazelles

The purpose of this mini-study was to serve as input for an INNO-Views workshop on gazelles, which took place in April 2007. This mini-study will set the scene for the first part of the workshop, which will focus on the role and importance of gazelles for innovation and competitivenessand the question of how to stimulate their development further.

This document is presented in a 'questions and answers' format in order to emphasise key issues in recent debate on policy and to offer a clear and concise introduction to this important and contemporary issue for innovation policy.


From Working Paper, published on 13-04-2007
Original document: GRIPS_MS01_Gazelles.pdf - PDF document - 326 Kb


  • Dr. John Rigby - University of Manchester (UK)
  • Kathryn Morrison - University of Manchester (UK)
  • Mercedes Bleda - University of Manchester (UK)
  • Jong-Seok Kim - University of Manchester (UK)


  • Innovation research

Covered areas

  • EU 27


  • SMEs - Gazelle Firms

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