GRIPS mini-study on Skills for Innovation

Throughout July and August, the Innogrips team at Manchester worked on the development of a ministudy on the theme of 'Skills for Innovation'. The study was designed as a seeding document for the INNO-Views policy Workshop that took place in Glasgowon 27th and 28th September.

The study is an exploration of the literature, presented in the form of a ‘question and response’ guide. While it cannot provide a definitive answer to all of the key questions, it provides an insightful overview of relevant contributions to contemporary (and evolving) skills and innovation debates. A core conclusion of the ministudy is that serious answers to important questions are still in the making. Further, the ministudy finds that the definition of skills and competences is far from uniform across European Community members. This presents serious difficulties for both rigorous analysis of (innovation) skills gaps and shortages and for the development of policy solutions withbroad applicability.

From Working Paper, published on 30-11-2007
Original document: Mini-Study_Skills for innovation_nov07.pdf - PDF document - 263 Kb


  • Prof. Ian Miles - University of Manchester (UK)
  • Dr Lawrence Green - University of Manchester (UK)
  • Dr Barbara Jones - University of Manchester (UK)


  • Innovation research
  • Public policy

Covered areas

  • EU 27


  • Education and learning processes
  • skills for innovation

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