Mini-study on Society Driven Innovation

This document is a Mini-Study prepared as a part of the EU funded INNO Grips research project. It will:

  • Review existing definitions and understandings of Society-Driven Innovation (SDI), relate these to existing and previous policy practice, and assess the effectiveness of the concept in innovation policy in a provisional manner.
  • Seek, with the help of academic and policy literature, to assess if and how such SDI policy could work in the future, identifying the scope of the policy and the limits of its use.
  • Identify whether there are practical steps that could make the concept more effective; including a discussion of the identity of key actors involved in the formulation of the policy and its implementation, and how such implementation would be achieved.



From Working Paper, published on 31-01-2008
Original document: GRIPS_ministudy_Society Driven Innovation.pdf - PDF document - 288 Kb


  • Prof. Ian Miles - University of Manchester (UK)
  • Dr. John Rigby - University of Manchester (UK)
  • Dr. Yanuar Nugroho - University of Manchester (UK)
  • Kathryn Morrison - University of Manchester (UK)


  • Innovation research
  • Public policy


  • Innovation systems

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