Cox Review of Creativity in Business: building on the UK's strengths

This review looks at how best to enhance UK business productivity by drawing on the country's world leading creative capabilities.

Despite the success of the creative industries in the UK, there isevidence that businesses are not realizing the full potential of applying creativity more widely. In response to this, the Cox review sets out the steps that the Government and the business, broadcasting and education sectors should take to ensure they harness the world-class creative talents that the UK possesses.

The review includes a chapter on the importance of creativity, design and innovation to business performance and economic development as well as proposals on how to provide incentives and preparefuture generations of creative specialists and business leaders.

It was commissioned by the Chancellor of the Exchequer at the time of Budget 2005 and led by SirGeorge Cox, Chairman of the British Design Council.

From Public report (Cox, Sir George), published on 01-11-2005
Original document: Cox_Review UK.pdf - PDF document - 1128 Kb


  • Sir George Cox


  • Public policy

Covered areas

  • EU 27
  • Europe
  • United Kingdom


  • Design
  • Innovation Policy
  • skills for innovation

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