Chile - OECD Review of Innovation Policy

Chile - OECD Review of Innovation Policy reviews the strengths and weaknesses of Chile's innovation system and recommends steps the government could take to increase the impact of innovation on the country's future prosperity and social well-being.

The report suggests that Chile needs to invest more in research and development (R&D), improve its education system, promote public-private partnerships and foster business-sector innovation, notably among small and medium-sized firms, in order to sustain economic growth, according to a new OECD report.



From OECD (OECD), published on 08-11-2007
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  • OECD


  • Public policy

Covered areas

  • South America
  • Chile


  • Education and learning processes
  • Innovation Policy
  • Public private partnership
  • Research and Development
  • SMEs - Gazelle Firms

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