Innovation and development: recent trends

Following the Inno-policy Workshop on Innovation and the fight against poverty, hunger and disease, GRIPS organised a meeting on Innovation & Development which was held in Manchester in April 2008, explored the context and the substance of “innovation for development” today. PhD and early stage researchers were invited to present their own research, and to engage in discussion to identify key issues and hot topics in the field, and develop recommendations for further research and potential action.

This paper is the result of the Manchester workshop. The aim is not to provide definitive answers and solutions to the questions and problems involved in innovation and development thinking; indeed this would be impossible; but to comment on the key issues and concerns currently in the field and to discuss relevant recent research and to make suggestions for future work.

From , published on 29-08-2008
Original document: GRIPS Researcher workshop 1_position paper.pdf - PDF document - 65 Kb


  • Contributors: Swayan Chaudhuri, María Isabel Álvarez González, Lois Muraguri, Kathryn Morrison, Yanuar Nugroho, Waraporn Yangsap
  • Editor: Ian Miles (the University of Manchester, UK)


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