Old Age, New Technology, and Future Innovations in Disease Management and Home Health Care

The nation's (USA) nearly 80 million baby boomers are about to enter their peak years of chronic disease and are set to become an unprecedented driver of health care costs. New technology, however, promises to enable a transformation in the delivery of care, putting patients at the center of care systems that engage and empower them and their families, directly connecting patients to caregivers, and personalizing services in response to patients’ unique needs, preferences, and values. Such care systems also offer the promise of strengthening an understaffed, underresourced home health care industry. Leveraging technology, disease management (DM), and home health have the opportunity to work together to more efficiently and effectively meet the needs of a rapidly aging society through better coordinated care that reduces avoidable hospital readmissions and other adverse events. This is achieved by positively affecting such things as home safety (e.g., falls), medication adherence, nutrition, and heart failure.

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  • Joseph F. Coughlin, PhD; James E. Pope, MD; Ben R. Leedle, Jr.
  • "Home Health Care Management & Practice" April 2006 / Volume 18, Number 3
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