Valuing Older People: strategy

The Mayor of London launched his older people strategy in London in September 2006 and to the European Parliament in Brussels in October 2006. The strategy sets out the Mayor’s vision of a London where older people have choice and control over their lives. The strategy received a considerable amount of favourable publicity and was generally well received by older people and other groups across London.

At its heart is an appreciation of older people as active, vital members of our communities. Since its launch the Mayor has been working to make London a better place to grow old in.

This report highlights what has been achieved since the launch of the strategy as measured against the proposed actions in the strategy, but also in response to the opportunities and challenges that have arisen since it was written. An update to the action plan, with progress against all of the published actions due in the first year, is attached.

From , published on 01-09-2006
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  • The Mayor of London’s Older People Strategy Annual Report

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