Differences between public and private sector innovation

This chapter aims to build an understanding of the characteristics and the differences between public and private sector innovation. “Systems of innovation” approaches will be used to examine innovation in the public sector and its relation to that in the private sector. The approaches will lead us to ask such questions as: which actors and institutions frame innovative activity? What are the initiatives to innovation and where do they come from? What knowledge, competences and technology exist in various parts of the system? What is the relation between innovative organisations and their markets? Since the public sector differs in important aspects from private industry, there may be a need to adapt tools and concepts, and we may reach some different conclusions concerning the dynamics of innovation. This chapter is part of the larger Publin Report D9 on the same topic.

From Public report, published on 01-08-2005
Original document URL: http://www.step.no/publin/reports/d9differences.pdf


  • Rannveig Røste, NIFU STEP and Ian Miles, CRIC


  • Innovation research


  • Public administration and services


  • Innovation systems

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