The Learning Region: Institutions, Innovation and Regional Renewal

The learning region: institutions, innovation and regional renewal, Reg. Studies 31, 491-503. A potentially significant theoretical convergence is underway between the two hitherto distinct fields of innovation studies and economic geography. Through the prism of the 'learning region' this paper examines some of the theoretical and policy implications of this convergence. Drawing on the work of evolutionary politicial economy, it highlights the significance for regional development of the interactive model of innovation. The paper then proceeds to examine the policy implication of this model by focusing, first, on a new generation of EU regional policy measures and, second, on a case study of regional innovation strategy in Wales. Finally, the paper offers a critical assessment of the distributional consequences of this strategy, posing the question: is regional innovation policy enough to address the socio-economic problems of old industrial regions?

From Working paper (Regional Studies 31: 491-504), published on 05-07-1997
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  • Morgan, K.


  • Innovation research
  • Public policy

Covered areas

  • EU 27


  • Education and learning processes
  • Region
  • skills for innovation

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