National Systems of Innovation Under Strain: The Inter-nationalisation of Corporate R&D

Productivity and its determinants are central to economic debate. This volume examines differences in productivity among nations, and provides comprehensive discussion as to why they exist; it addresses the importance of the growth and measurement of service productivity,and studies the role of human capital in adapting to new technologies. The creation of knowledge through research and development and its diffusionthrough trade, investment and the interaction of firms are also fully investigated.

From Edited Book (n R. Barrell, G. Mason, and M. O’Mahoney, (eds.), Productivity, Innovation and Economic Performance), published on 31-07-2000


  • Patel, P. and Pavitt, K.


  • Innovation research
  • Public policy


  • Education and learning processes
  • Globalisation
  • measurement of innovativeness
  • skills for innovation

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