Monitoring and Evaluation Methodology for the EU Lead Market Initiative

The aim of this mini-study is to develop an evaluation concept for the Lead Market Initiative of the EU. This concept is meant to be used for interim evaluations of the LMI.

The LMI is a novel policy instruments, the first attempt to create Lead Markets, and it applies a complex mix of instruments. Therefore, the concept necessarily has a dual ambition: summative (to inform about progress, impact and effectiveness) and formative (to support learning and adaptation). In fact, given the novelty and the short term requirements for an interim evaluation in 2 years time, the formative elements need to be especially strong.

Therefore, we also need to look at the ‘how’ and deliver insights that help all those public and private actors involved to adjust and improve the instrument and their reaction towards it. This also may involve interaction between evaluators, market experts and stakeholders more generally.

From , published on 02-03-2009
Original document: LMI evaluation concept.pdf - PDF document - 490 Kb


  • Prof. Jakob Edler, Prof. Luke Georghiou, Dr. Elvira Uyarra, Deborah Cox, Dr. John Rigby, Yanuar Nugroho (Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, University of Manchester)
  • Prof. Knut Blind (Fraunhofer ISI, Technical University Berlin)


  • Innovation research
  • Public policy

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