Revisiting Creativity Research: An Investigation of Contemporary Approaches.

In this study, contemporary creativity research was investigated by conducting an analysis of dissertation abstracts. Keywords relating to creativity were used to collect a sample from an online database. The abstracts were coded by discipline, research aspect (trait, process, or product), social level of analysis (individual, group, organization, or culture), and research approach (empirical vs. theoretical; quantitative vs. qualitative). Classification trees were built to explore the relationships between disciplines and their terminology, research aspect and social level of analysis. The results show that the terms creativity and innovation are used interchangeably by some disciplines, and diverse creativity research in terms of aspect and social level are produced within single disciplines. Besides indicating that disciplines overlap in their activity, these findings suggest new trends in research aspects and social levels.

From Journal (Creativity Research Journal), published on 30-01-2009


  • Cara H. Kahl
  • Liselotte Hermes da Fonseca
  • Erich H. Witte


  • Innovation research


  • Ageing population

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