Why do Firms Co-operate for Innovation? A comparison of Austrian and Finnish CIS 3 results

This paper analyzes differences in the co-operative behaviour of innovative firms in Finland and Austria. We use data from the third wave of the Community Innovation Survey (CIS 3). Descrip-tive statistics indicate that the rate of innovators is quite similar in Austria and Finland, while the number of co-operating enterprises is considerably higher in Finland. Econometric analysis reveals that a number of factors that determine co-operative arrangements are only significant in one or the other country. We conclude that co-operative behaviour in the two countries is much more dependent on national factors and much deeper rooted in the underlying innovation systems than the existing lit-erature may assume.

From Working paper, published on 04-01-2005


  • Bernhard Dachs
  • Bernd Ebersberger
  • Andreas Pyka


  • Innovation research

Covered areas

  • Europe


  • Intellectual property

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