International cooperation on green building standards

The purpose of this mini study on international cooperation on green building standards is to serve as an input for policy development in the Commission.

Based on literature review, on interviews and contacts with key players, this mini study analyses the scope for international co-operation on green building standards. To be more specific, the mini-study focuses on voluntary third-party assessment tools, certification and rating systems (AT-CRS).

The approach is empirical and straighforward; we examine how powerful standards may be to promote energy efficiency in buildings. The key question is then to maximise their transformation power, among which answers international co-operation is envisaged.

From , published on 03-08-2009
Original document: MS8_International Cooperation Green Building Standards.pdf - PDF document - 395 Kb


  • Pierre Bitard (ANRT)


  • Public policy
  • Business strategy

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