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Feasibility study on a European responsible design label

The purpose of this mini study – entitled ‘Feasibility study on a European responsible design label’ – is to explore the relevancy and feasibility for the Commission to develop and promote a European responsible design label. The analysis proposed is derived mainly from expert stakeholders’ interviews, complemented by inputs from policy and literature reviews.

The main policy background for this mini study is the consultation document on "Design as a driver of user-centred innovation". The consultation notably resulted in the identification of target areas for EU level policy initiatives, among which raising awareness on the potential of design via demand side measures such as labels, standards and awards, emerged.

Section 1 specifies the background of the study and, in particular, points out the legal base within which a European design label would be developed. Section 3 further analyses the design labels’ characteristics in specifying their supporting organisations, selection criteria and procedures and results. Section 4 gives a synthetic account of the experts’ views, in terms of the obstacles, drivers and scope of the label. As a global synthesis of the lessons drawn previously, Section 5 concludes by providing a framework for designing options for a European responsible design label.

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